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The Amjet sewer cleaning machine is a high-end brand of Hebei Tiandao Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xian County, Cangzhou, Hebei, China. Amjet is a high-tech industry dedicated to the research and development of sewage pressure cleaning machines. The Amjet series products include high-pressure high-capacity truck and trailer type sewer sprayers, combined sewer cleaners, and high-pressure cleaners. In the production process, we strictly adhere to the quality management system, and the company adheres to the corporate mission: to seek happiness for employees, create value for customers, and create continuous returns for investors. Vision and Goal: To become a leader in the global clean pipeline industry, win the trust and respect of customers

At AMJET, everything revolves around the development, production, and sales of high-quality sewage and cleaning service equipment. Our machines are 100%
Made in our own factory, using only high-quality A brand components. This process is carried out internally from beginning to end. From the first sketch to the final quality control. Everything is to ensure the quality of AMJET. You will benefit from it.
AMJET continuously invests in the development of new technologies. Our engineering department located in China is constantly developing high-quality and innovative solutions. Efficient operation, optimal usability, good cost-effectiveness, and modern design are important principles for providing you with the best service.
One of the design parameters for AMJET machine development is efficient operation. A machine that allows you to clean faster, better, and more enjoyable. We ensure that every product is easy to use. After all, efficient work can bring higher productivity, higher income, and higher customer satisfaction. We are always committed to finding new ways to further develop your company.
Curious about how AMJET machines are produced? Then come and see our factory located in Cangzhou, Hebei, China for yourself and give it a try! We regularly organize tour guide services and also provide services to larger groups.


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